To view a character's +finger: +finger <player>

This command shows information about characters.

Preset information and how to set it (all optional):

@Sex me=<male | female> @Alias me=<alias>
&EMAIL me=<email address> &SNAIL me=<snail mail address>
&INFO me=<some information about your character> &ALTCHARS me=<altchars>
&QUOTE me=<a quote> &POS me=<position>
&VACATION me=<if you intend to be away for more than a month, set this>

Other information:
If you want to, you can set personalised information. To do this,
&fingerlist me=<attribute name>:<Title>|<2nd name>:<2nd Title>|<3rd….>
Then set the attributes.

Please note that : and | should not be used, and [] will need \ in front.
Think about whether you want your RL address listed. Maybe so, maybe *not*.

See also +help prefs

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