The events code is meant to help keep track of IC and OOC events and happenings on PernWorld MUSH. It is not meant as a substitute for posting to the bulletin boards, merely an addition to help with scheduling. Two events may not be scheduled for the exact same time and day, but a single minute of difference is sufficient to allow scheduling (i.e. a flight at 21:00 and a storm TP at 21:01 that are meant to be concurrent). Times are military, and currently based on eastern US time.

  • +events - Lists all upcoming events
  • +event <#> - Gives extra information on a particular event

To schedule an event:


eg: +event/add Jun 21 21:00=Dragonth's Flight@NPC Weyr

To add details to an event (you must be the one who scheduled it):

+event/detail <EVENT #>=<EVENT DETAILS>

eg: +event/detail 1=Green Dragonth will be rising at NPC Weyr. Expect the unexpected. @mail R'ider if you would be willing to allow your dragon to be injured.

To delete an event (you must be the one who scheduled it):

+event/del <EVENT #>

You can change details on an event you own simply by using +event/detail again. Times or locations or titles cannot be changed. Simply delete the event, and then reset it.

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