DTU (Dragon Talk Unit)

DTU Player Commands for both riders and non-riders
DTU Rider Rider commands

DTU Player

Any player can access the DTU information.

One command is coded for quick information:

  • +pair <rider|dragon>

which returns the 'rider-dragon pairing. Aliases cannot be used for this; however, wildcards can, so long as the name returned is singular (it will only return one name, not multiple names).

Other information can be gained by using the knot commands, with 'DTU' as the knot-code. 'dtu .who', 'dtu .who/all', 'dtu .who/color:green' are just some examples.


DTU Rider


The commands for DTU communications are the same as those for the knots, with DTU as the knot code.


=dtu <msg> To all
=dtu/weyr <msg> To your weyr
=dtu/color <msg> To your color
=dtu/area <msg> To the area your dragon is currently in
=dtu/loc <msg> To location of your dragon. Includes inside objects.
pro <list of dragons>=<msg or pose> Sends to listed dragons
bespeak <list of players>=<msg or pose> Sends to players


dtu learn <alias>=<dbref> Learn <dbref> as <alias>.
dtu learn <alias>=here Learn your dragon's location as <alias>.
dtu learn <alias>=<dragon> Learn <dragon>'s image as <alias>.
dtu image <alias> Image <alias> (for the last 'dtu learn')
dtu image Clear image.
dtu forget <alias> Remove an alias.
dtu btw <alias> Between to <alias>
dtu btw Between to your image.
dtu dests List of destinations.
dtu jump <dbref> Jump directly to room <dbref> (more below).

'dtu btw' and 'dtu image' and 'dtu learn' will 'safely' refuse, if the location is unbetweenable (ie not a room, or not enter_ok). However, 'dtu jump' is a more IC version of betweening to a location you do not know, and should be used carefully. If the room in question is not beweenable, the dragon (and, presumably, the rider, and anyone else on the dragon) is Lost Between. (This /can/ be retconned, but… :)


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