You may become a rider two different ways here on PernWorld. One way is to start a non-rider character who is young enough to be searched and seek to be searched for a hatching. The 2nd way is to start out a character as an older, established dragonrider. This can be done going through Chargen with a new character. ALL insta riders and transfers now start out at Ierne WeyrHold. After 90 days they can put in for a transfer to a Weyr if they wish or stay at the WeyrHold. During the 90 days, new insta riders are on OOC probation, meaning you are subject to loss of your dragon if you really mess up. So take time to read the news files on dragons, learn how to get along here and what is expected of you as a rider on Pern.

Be aware that mass creation of dragonrider characters from the same site WILL result in site banning, so do not abuse this system by trying to make too many rider characters. ALL insta gold riders must be approved by admin. Transfer or insta golds may be fertile but cannot have public hatchings unless they first are accepted as transfers into a Weyr, then they must ask the leadership of that Weyr permission to use one of the scheduled hatchings for that Weyr for a hatching.

(All fertile golds however may have OFF-CAMERA hatchings during times that their Weyr is not in a search cycle. ONLY NPC CHARACTERS may impress in off-camera hatchings! Weyrholds do not have hatching grounds. Ierne golds use Telgar hatching grounds for off camera hatchings. The NPC's remain ICly at Telgar Weyr.)

Guidelines for Dragonriders

Dragonriders in this timeline no longer have to worry about Threadfall, but they do have to make a living, thus they have to work for it and often their dragons to. Often riders join Wings at the Weyrs or WeyrHolds and get paid a salary for their work. Independent riders sometimes form Wings as well, competing with the large Weyrs/WeyrHolds for business.

Possible jobs for riders are:

  • Delivery (couriers/mail/news-scrolls/small packages)
  • Exploration/Survey (Scouting out new sites for habitation or mining surveys, mapping, etc.)
  • Freight (large packages/freight hauling) - Busy riders who make more marks. :)
  • Transport (Like a dragonrider version of a charter plane service or taxi w/wings)
  • Firefighting (no Thread means lots of plants. Lots of trees=fire hazard)
  • Police/Protection (no Thread also means more opportunistic types on the roads)
  • Search & Rescue (self explanatory)
  • Coastguard (Flying sweeps looking for pirate activity or ships/boats in trouble)
  • Craft Riders (any other craft based independent/Weyr riders) ie HarperRiders..

For goldriders: see '+help goldrider'
See also: '+help dragons', '+help chargen', and '+help candidate'

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