+detail <object>
+detail <object>'s <detail>

+detail allows you to put details on objects and players without having to indicate it obviously in the desc. The details can have the equivalent of @osucc and @asucc as well.

To put a detail on the object or player, set &DETAIL_<detail name> <object>=<detail> and optionally &ODETAIL_<detail name> and &ADETAIL_<detail name> as well. Put underscores in the detail name if necessary, i.e. a detail of a gold necklace would be &DETAIL_GOLD_NECKLACE.

+detail <object> will show the list of details on the object. +detail <object>'s <detail> will show the &DETAIL_<detail> attribute of <object>. It will show the rest of the room the &ODETAIL_<detail> and trigger &ADETAIL_<detail> if those exist.

For example:

&DETAIL_GOLD_NECKLACE Sharra=A fine serpentine gold chain.
&ODETAIL_GOLD_NECKLACE Sharra=admires Sharra's gold necklace.
&ADETAIL_GOLD_NECKLACE Sharra=@pemit me=%N looked at your gold necklace!

>+detail Sharra
Interesting items: gold_necklace
>+detail Sharra's gold_necklace
A fine serpentine gold chain.

Sharra would see:
Mark looked at your gold necklace!

and everyone else in the room would see:
Mark admires Sharra's gold necklace.


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