The Insta & Character Gen System for PernWorld

Goal: This system was created in order to allow for faster generation and involvement time for new players and new characters into the game. To allow for population fluxes as well as expanded staff for areas, this system has been equipped with the ability to determine any vacancies within a weyr, hold or craft, and make applications available to incoming characters, allowing a greater character involvement from the beginning and lowering the amount of waiting time associated with attaining the ranks desired.

Definitions contains definitions
System contains how the system works
Commands General Commands of Interest
Admin Contains notes and commands for staff
Management This is for Management, Support and Journeymen.
Craft Masters This is for Masters of a Craft.
Riders This is for Riders


This system uses a host of definitions that need to be clarified up front so as to avoid any misunderstandings.

Wizard: Any member of the 'Staff' Knot. You may check this by either typing +staff or stf .who/all. These are the people who keep this Mush running and will have to vote on some of the controlled applications, such as Craft Masters and Insta Riders. Generally they are in charge of making certain that an applicant has no past history of being a troublemaker as they can see a person's Login address and match it to a list of known problems. This allows the Area Staff to choose who they want without fear of someone pulling a fast one on them.

Staff: Any member of an area's OOC Admin Staff. You may check this by typing '<Knot> .who/admins'. For instance 'eaw .who/admins' lists all the staff for Eastern Weyr. This Staff is the OOC administration for an area, they do not have to be of an IC leadership position. They are chosen by the IC/OOC Leader of the area (WeyrWoman, LordHolder, CraftMasters…..etc) to assist with the administration duties within the area.

Management: Any member of an area's IC Admin Staff. These are your Headwomen, Stewards, HoldHealers, WeyrHarpers and the like. People that hold rank within an area, but are not necessarily OOC Staff. These positions are available by application or appointment but hold no real OOC power.

Residents and Apprentices: These are the folk that make up the rest of the area's population. From children to retirees, cooks and servers to grooms and woodsmen, they are the core of the area. There is no need for applications for these sort of characters, only a background, a description and a set rating (See News Ratings and News Minors)

Support: These are much the same thing as Management, but are only found in the Landing University. They are an odd situation as the University is a huge conglomerate of Crafts, but with one central living area. The Support Staff service this living area. This is where you will see CraftHealers and CraftHarpers. This does not mean they are a CraftMaster or anything of the like, it simply means that they are in charge of the specific services that are offered to all members of Landing University. The CraftHealer runs the University Infirmary, the CraftHarper is in charge of Entertainment for the University and so forth… the CraftMasters are far too busy with their own Crafts, as deans of sort… you would not expect the Medical college of a large University to run the Health Center, but rather to make it a separate entity that functions on its own but allows the students of the University to do internships within its walls.



Here's the system in a nutshell.

  • Independent: Put together a background, setup your character and walk right IC.
  • Residents: Put together a Background, setup your character and walk right IC.
  • Apprentice: Put together a Background, setup your character and walk right IC.



A few commands that might come in handy:

<knot> vacant Lists vancancies open for staff or rider positions. Areas: ISW WEW XAW FOW
app/check this will tell you the current status of your application.
app/list Lists all applications Pending and their votes <WIZARDS ONLY>
app/list <Knot> Lists apps Pending in Area <Area Staff & Wizards Only>
app/help Helps you put together your character <Only Chargen Rooms>
app/clear Removes your current Application and clears all votes.
app/vote <Name>=<Yes or No> Votes on Apps <Area Staff & Wizards Only>
app/override <Name>=<Yes or No> Passes or Fails Staff Approval on App <Area Leaders Only>


Staff Notes

Area Leaders, Please make certain that you have at least 6 Staff Members so that you will have enough people to answer applications during vacations and RL difficulties. If you do not have anyone in your weyr that you trust with this responsibility, then please, by all means add someone else to the admin list, but make certain that you have enough people to take care of your weyr's incoming population.

Applications coming to you will be simple and standard, it is up to you and your staff as to what follow up questions you wish to ask applicants. This will allow you to customize your own area application process. Please be certain that all question answers are forwarded to all parties involved in the voting. The <area>Staff global as well as the Wizards global were added for this purpose.

Please note that the Wizard's votes alone are not going to approve a person into your area. That is not the Wizard's job. They are simply making certain that there are not any previous problems with the individual applying or that they feel they are not going to cause a problem in the future to the safety or liability of the Mush. They are not however going to tell you who you are going to accept.

app/list <knot> This lists all the application currently pending for your area. Please check this listing at least once a day to insure that you know who is applying where and can help them as needed. As Admin, you are expected to help newbies as much as possible.
app/vote <Name>=<Yes/No> Please vote as soon as you have made your decision. You are allowed by the vote to vote again in the opposite but this only cancels your vote and does not remove it from either side of for or against.
<knot> Vacant This allows you to see the current openings in your area. These lists are compiled by taking what you have on your knot at this moment and matching it against the list of all the standard staff for your type of area. If you already have one of the positions listed filled, make sure the person's 'position' on the knot is typed in the same way as on the Vacant chart and the Vacancy should disappear.


Management, Support and Journeymen

Put together a Background for the position you want (Check '<area> vacant' for Vacancies) and then go into the appropriate Area and fill out an application. You may receive follow up questions from members of that area's staff. Answer the Question with the Question asked first, then your answer following it, +mailing it back to the area staff using this format:

+mail <knot>staff=<Your Name>: Application Follow-up
-RE: <Name of Person asking Question>'s Question%R
-Question: <Cut and Paste the Question Here>%R
-Answer: <Your Answer>
- -

Keep an eye on the 'app/check' and the auto check when you log on will tell you if there has been any change since you were last on. A Management position requires that the votes for and against your application total +3. This means that +3 and -0 is an Approval as is +7 and -4, however +3 and -1 is not.

No Wizard approval is needed for these Positions.


Craft Masters

Put together a Background for the position you want, fill out the application and answer follow up questions as you set up your character. As with the others, Please answer your follow up questions in the following format:

+mail <knot>staff wizards=<Your Name>: Application Follow-up
- RE: <Name of Person asking Question>'s Question%R
- Question: <Cut and Paste the Question Here>%R
- Answer: <Your Answer>
- -

For approval, you must gain a total of +3 votes from the staff and +2 votes from the Wizards. 'App/check' will tell you when you are Approved and the auto check when you log on will tell you if there has been any change since you were last on. The votes needed are votes total, +3 and -2 = +1 Vote Approval. You must have +3 Staff Approval /AND/ +2 Wizard Approval to go IC.



ALL new insta riders are required to start out the first 90 days at Ierne WeyrHold. After 90 days, they may put in for a transfer to a Weyr. This is to bypass all the voting that insta riders used to suffer though, that took too long and half the people never voted, making the system rather slow and tedious for new players. Going straight into Ierne WeyrHold offers the chance to roleplay right away, without sitting in a holding tank, waiting for days to be allowed a rider character, sometimes to only be disappointed when the Weyr failed to okay you.

During the 90 days, new insta riders are on OOC probation, meaning you are subject to loss of your dragon if you really mess up. So take time to read the news files on dragons, learn how to get along here and what is expected of you as a rider on Pern.

Be aware that mass creation of dragonrider characters from the same site WILL result in site banning, so do not abuse this system by trying to make too many rider characters. ALL gold riders must be approved by admin and are generally old, retired, infertile golds.

To start out as a rider here:
@mail *instarider=Instarider
- Dragon name: (dragon's name) Dragon Color: (dragon's color).
- -

Notes: No INDEPENDENT Gold is fertile. PERIOD. No exceptions. All independent golds are either too to old, too injured or permanently sick to fly, or if they do the eggs will not hatch. This condition is /PERMANENT/, as in will not be changed if you take residence in a Weyr. Please be aware of this if you are applying for a Gold. Fertile golds for a Weyr are only an option in a case where a Weyr has lost all active golds and there are no Jrs at other Weyrs who want the job. Then the Weyr admin, Bey will set up something for screening a posible new fertile gold, giving a period of time in which people will be allowed to apply for the position.

All insta riders need to be over 30 turns old.


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