Character Description

Your description is what people see when they type 'look <YourName>'. It should describe what your character looks like. In general, it should be a paragraph of at least 4 lines in length although many people have longer descriptions.

Some things to be careful of:

  • Don't use first person (I or my). Stick to 'He or She'.
  • Don't have any action in there. Make sure the description would still be valid if you character was unconscious or hurt, etc.
  • Don't power-play — this is saying what others would think or feel when they see you. Other people are entitled to make up their own minds about what they character thinks or feels about yours.
  • Don't use a word if you are not sure what it means!
  • Do describe yourself a human living on Pern. Nothing else will be approved.
  • Do be realistic about your character's appearance. Impossibly beautiful or handsome characters aren't very original.

A description usually covers the following basics: general overall build (slim? fat? heavy? skinny? average?) and height, hair color, type and length (brown, long and curly? blonde, short and straight?), eye color, skin color and something about a character's features (sharp features? rugged face? large nose? or maybe slim elegant hands and nails and a thin-lipped mouth?). Good grammar and spelling is important and in general, describe clothing separately.

You can indent the beginning of a paragraph via &[space(#)] where # is the number of spaces you wish to indent by. You can insert a carriage return into a description via '%R'. If you wish, you can also insert your age (after you have set it!) into your description via '[age(v(birthsecs))]'.

For Example:

You can keep it simple:

Mynna is a girl in the middle of her teenage turns, perhaps sixteen or seventeen. She stands about five and a half feet tall, with a thin frame and muscles toned from daily manual labor. Her skin is naturally light, but has a slight tan from time spent out in the sun. Her hair is a light blonde color, flowing straight just past her shoulders, and her eyes are a honeyed brown. Her face is round, with a tiny nose, large eyes, and a wide smile. While still very young looking, she has the figure of a fully mature woman.

Mynna is dressed very simply, wearing a utilitarian outfit for labor in hot weather. She wears a dark grey tank top, cut just above her navel, and a pair of light brown shorts that end at her thighs. A brown leather pouch hangs from her hip, carrying whatever she might need on hand. Her feet are protected by a simple pair of brown shoes with no socks.

Feel free to be descriptive! Just be mindful of the rules above!

Thick corkscrew curls are a pale sun-spun gold, pulled tightly back from a heart-shaped face and confined to a tail that trails down her spine to mid-back, leaving her high forehead clear but for the faint widow's peak. Her large eyes are tilted slightly, the pupils a rich silvery blue, set above high, wide cheekbones. Her nose is straight, just a shade too long for traditional beauty, and her full lips pout regardless of her actual expression. A dimple winks faintly in the curve of her left cheek and a slightly off-center dent breaks the symmetry of her pointed chin. A spray of pale rose freckles over the bridge of her nose are the only flaw of her otherwise creamy complexion.

Though simply made and unadorned, this robe has been clearly crafted by a practiced hand. Pure white linen drapes over Liandyn's body, tiny sleeves covering her shoulders. From the v-shaped neck that displays a hint of cleavage, the cloth clings lightly to her lithe figure, falling down to the neat hem that brushes her thighs just above her knees. A simple cloth belt encircles her slender waist twice, tied off in an intricate knot at her hip, two ends dangling down to mingle with the hem of the robe. Her sandals are standard leather, bleached tan, with straps that criss-cross over the arch of each dainty foot and up her ankles, ending mid-calf.

Below is a visual example of what syntax to use. The text in blue is what you would be entering. The text in white is the output you'll receive.

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