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The Glass Craft is currently NPC.

No PC's reside at the Glass Craft Hall, they are posted elsewhere.

+glchelp basics

The GlassCraft is responsible for production and development of glass and clay based products, such as utensils, windows, vases and more. GlassCrafters are posted all over Pern, especially where materials like sand, clay and reagents (reactive materials used for creating glazes, coloring glass, etc) are found. Crafters are taught many skills regarding the manufacture of glass and clay products. Many crafters specialize in certain areas of focus, such as glass blowing or pottery glazes. These crafters develop new and better processes in their chosen area, and train others who are interested in the same aspect of the craft.

On Pernworld, the GlasscCaft Hall is based outside of Fort Hold and beholden to Fort Weyr. There is a second Hall located at Landing as part of the Landing Craft Hall. Both locations provide training to students and apprentices in glasswork and pottery.

+glchelp apprentices

Apprentices are the lowest ranked crafters in any craft, and the Glass Craft is no exception. Since glass and pottery work are risky due to the extreme temperatures and chemical agents used, the Glass Craft does not accept apprentices under the age of 12 except in very special circumstances. Apprentices may be initially accepted into the craft as old as twenty turns.

Apprentices in the Glass Craft are assigned to one or more journeymen or masters for training in the rudiments of the craft - how to clean and operate kilns, how to maintain equipment, and how to create basic glass structures. Apprentices are responsible for the daily maintenance of the work areas they are assigned to, and perform basic repairs on fault equipment under the supervision of a journeyman.

+glchelp journeymen

Journeymen are both teachers and manufacturers. Most journeymen have one or more apprentice student whom they train, but their primary duties focus around manufacture of product for use. Unlike apprentice, journeymen have a great deal of freedom - they are full adults, and are treated as such by the craft. Journeymen may be found all over Pern, though they are present in higher concentration around major craft centers like Landing University. Journeyman are housed in individual rooms at their posted location, and there are dorms at the Crafthall and University for those who are visiting. Journeymen are rarely younger than 20, but many crafters never advance beyond this rank, so ages vary greatly. Journeyman may sell their own work, and are often hired to complete specific pieces as their specialties dictate, but their basic needs are covered by a stipend from the Hall.

+glchelp masters

Glasscraft masters are those who have reached a high level of proficiency within their area of focus in the craft, as well as a general understanding of all other areas in the craft. Masters are the primary teachers of both apprentices and journeymen at the Crafthalls. Masters are usually over the age of 25 and are free to marry or adopt a protege as they see fit. Masters are responsible for the majority of fine glass and pottery work on Pern, especially artistic pieces.

+glchelp definitions

These are some Glasscraft-specific words that you may come across:

Cullet: Broken or reject glass can be melted down for re-use. It is called cullet prior to recycling.

Frit: When the sand/alkali mixture that makes glass is first heated (to about 2400 degrees F), the product is called frit. Frit is then adjusted as necessary for color variance. Once cooled to about 2000 degrees F, it reaches the appropriate consistency for glass blowing. If cooled to full hardness, frit can be ground and stored. Ground frit is heated in long metal trays that have been chemically treated to form sheets of glass, which may then be cut into rods or sections as needed for various glassmaking projects.

Gathers: In glass blowing, the act of adding glass to the form already being worked on the blowing rod is called gathering. Most pieces require multiple gathers to acquire enough glass to be workable. Glass must be reheated between gathers to maintain an even temperature, or it may shatter when the crafter next attempts to gather glass.

+glchelp search

As the Glass Craft is currently an NPC craft, anyone who is a memeber of it may participate in Search without requesting any special permissions as long as they meet the general search criteria for the game.

+glchelp specialties

There are a number of specialties within the glasscraft. They break along two main branches of the craft: Glasswork and Pottery. The include:

Glass Making (+GLCHelp Making)
Glass Blowing (+GLCHelp Blowing)
Coloring (+GLCHelp Color)
Etching (+GLCHelp Etching)
Pottery (+GLCHelp Pottery)
Glazes (+GLCHelp Glazes)

To set your speciality on the RUC knot:

&specialty me=<specialty>

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