Farmer Craft

IC Leadership

MasterFarmer Iazun (NPC) - 5'11" man with lank white hair and hooded light-brown eyes and average build. His wardrobe is drab and mostly brown and his personality is skeptical, yet psychotic.

CraftSecond Hiatek (NPC) - 6'0" man with short black hair and wide blue eyes and muscular build. His wardrobe is dusty and mostly red and his personality is plodding, yet analytical.


Device: On a white field, a golden yellow plowshare

Description: Experimenting with high yield grains and superior vegitables. They train people in soil conservation and advanced means of producing better crops.

Recent Events @ Farmer Craft

At Farm Craft a person finds a dead body in their living quarters and a mystery as to how it got there. (07/10/16)

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