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It was a bit of a surprise as the recent dawn saw Zuhth roar challenge to the males of Igen with little notice. As it was only the handful of local bronzes were around to give chase and in the end the flight was short and unsurprising in its conclusion. Bronze Eranzath again claimed his queen as the heat began to rise off the warming desert sands by the late winter morning, confirming his rider to remain weyrleader. The Weyr now looks forward to a clutch come spring and the delights of youthful dragonets enlivening the otherwise day to day routine of life.

Yes, Igen is offering it's annual search opportunity for those seeking a brief interlude into a different climate. Please see '+IGWHelp Candidacy' for details and if interested just type 'search me' on the game.

OOC Ends August 5th!

News Scroll

Date: Sun July 25, 2017

Today's News Around Pern:

At Greystones Hold a person finds a green firelizard clutch.

At South Telgar Hold there is a drunken brawl.

At Sykan Hold a person finds the hidden loot (treasure) from a long dead famous renegade. *50 Marks*.

At Neratian Miner Hold a person is captured by renegades and held for ransom. Ransom: 74 Marks.

At Far Cry Hold there is a food fight.

At River Bend Hold there is a renegade attack.

At Smith Craft a klah crop is destroyed by blight.

At Honshu WeyrHold a person is reported missing.

Gather at Lost Hold.

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