Dragonhealers have no Rank, as such the Hall is run be several talented administrators.

Stevall - A short, well tanned and pleasant tempered guy. He's the kind you want to go relax and have a drink on the beach and somehow the conversation about methods of inventory is completely fascinating. He is the primary administrator in the Hall, ensuring there's food on the table for the students and patients, and things are generally kept tidy.

M'dor - Rider of Blue Breveth - He is a quite presence that manages to strike really good deals. He also handles the Halls facility support, and supply activities.


DragonHealers are people who are trained in the healing of dragons, firelizards and whers. It is not a craft and they have no rank. They are either certified or not certified and in training. The most effective DragonHealers are known to be goldriders because their dragons can control other dragons, forcing them to hold still while the DragonHealer works on them. (See Moreta for more on this). This does not mean that others cannot be DragonHealers, it just means its more of a challenge to get dragons to cooperate if the dragon is hard to control due to extent of injuries or if the rider of the dragon is not conscious or in control of themselves. There is a DragonHealer's school at Ierne WeyrHold.

Note: Your character does not have to be a Dragonrider to be a Dragonhealer.

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