Dolphin Craft

The Dolphin Craft, also known as Dolphineers Hall, is where people are trained to work with dolphins. Dolphins work to find lost ships, report large schools of fish to fishermen and they can use their sonar to detect tumors in other beings, making them valuable to the Healer Craft. There are a number of Dolphineer halls spread around due to the many different pods of dolphins. The main one is at Rubicon River Hold, but the one currently in use by players is the one at Kahrain Hold.

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Currently: Kalen, Lyzaen, and Valeska. Please contact game staff at doc .who/admins for assistance.



Humans and Dolphins sometimes partner. Not all Dolphineers have dolphin partners, and it is not required that you have one. It is more common for a Dolphin to choose a non-rider as a partner, than a rider. Those non-riders who choose a partner rarely accept Search afterwards, because this will mean giving up their dolphin partner.

IC Dolphin pods exist at:

Rubicon River Hold
Monaco Bay Weyr
Monaco Bay Hold
Paradise River Sea Hold
Southern Hold
Tillek Hold
Fort Sea Hold
Half Moon Bay Hold/Weyr

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