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The Dolphin Craft leadership is currently NPC.

No PC's reside at the Hall, but are posted elsewhere.

+dochelp dolphins

Humans and Dolphins sometimes partner. Not all Dolphineers have dolphin partners, and it is not required that you have one. It is more common for a Dolphin to choose a non-rider as a partner, than a rider. Those non-riders who choose a partner rarely accept Search afterwards, beacuse this will mean giving up their dolphin partner.

Please ask a wizard if you need a dolphin partner object set up.

+dochelp promotion

This is a rough guideline for promotion to various ranks within the craft.

APPRENTICE: People accepted into the craft start at this rank. Commonly people come in around the age of 13 turns or so, though this is quite flexible. People joining the craft significantly later in life also begin at this rank. Commonly an apprentice is able to swim when they join and must be physically and mentally able to handle their duties and training.

SENIOR APPRENTICE: These are apprentices who have distinguished themselves some by moving beyond the basics of the craft. Most commonly, this rank is attained when they have been allowed more time alone with a potential dolphin partner with whom they will potentially partner to and train with.

JOURNEYMAN: These crafters have established that they can perform the duties required of a dolphineer and no longer need basic training. Few achieve this until 20 or more turns, even if they started quite early. It is upon Journeyman that most dolphincrafters will partner with a Dolphin. Not every dolphin chooses a partner and not every Journeyman will partner to a dolphin either. It is an agreement between dolphin and human.

SENIOR JOURNEYMAN: This rank is commonly bestowed upon either journeyman who are very experienced, but not so much so as a master or simply do not have the time devotions required of a master, and upon a posted journeyman who is the most senior at their post (and hence in charge of craft operations there).

MASTER: To attain this rank a journeyman must do one of two things, have the ability and inclination to teach, or be focused into a more specific field of study within the craft, and teach that as well. While journeyman might teach apprentices some things, its the masters that really do the heavy lifting. Some teach more than others, but all can and do at times. Most journeyman are not inclined towards this and do not become masters.

+dochelp apprentice

Duties: An apprentice spends most of their time learning, including how to swim, but much of the rest of the time is spent doing work and chores to pay for their education. Mainly, they don't spend all their time playing with dolphins and thats for certain, however, they're expected to play with the dolphins and get to know them. If they find a suitable match for their personality and such both parties might decide to become partners.

Skills: A dolphineer learns a large variety of skills as an apprentice, from dolphin physiology to meteorology, the list is really to numerous to list here but they tend to be more varied than specialized.

Knots: The apprentice knot is laced with only DolphinCraft blue until the apprentice has a partner, and then the secondary color is added.

+dochelp journeyman

Duties: Journeyman dolphineers ae generally posted at various seaside Holds and Weyrs all around Pern. They care for local pods of dolphins, verify sea charts in their area and make new ones, work with fishermen, and work with local healers to some extent.

Skills: There aren't many specialist journeymen, usually those journeymen who begin working on specializations become masters upon becoming proficient in that speciality. This isn't always true, but generally is. Journeyman skills are very widely varied.

Knots: The knot is a standard Journeyman knot, laced in dolphin blue and white.

+dochelp master

Duties: The duty of most masters is to teach apprentices and journeymen, others are posted to the larger seaside holds or weyrs and have similar duties as journeymen there.

Skills: Most journeymen become masters because of either, their ability to teach or they've gained a specialization in the craft which they can practice.

Knots: The standard master's knot in DolphinCraft colors, dolphin blue and white.

Masters of the craft vote to determine the Craftmaster, who then picks the Craftsecond.

+dochelp specialty

Dolphineers learn a very wide variety of skills including but not limited to, dolphin physiology, meteorology, chartography, dolphin medicine, fishing, diving, marine biology, search and rescue at sea, and a little to do with most things sea related really. Some dolphineers, usually masters, have specialized in some areas, these tend to be things like dolphin healing, dolphin linguistics and sonar, and marine biology.

To set your speciality on the DOC knot:

&specialty me=<specialty>

+dochelp postings

Dolphin CraftHall: The main Hall, located reasonably close to Landing. This is the nexus of the craft instead of Landing and is where most Dolphineers are located. The main duties besides the usual is teaching apprentices.

Healer Craft: This posting is generally for cross-crafting Dolphineers, basicly a Healer trained Dolphineer, usually specializing in the uses of dolphin sonar for healing the sick. (currently in process of being worked on)

Most any other seaside Hold or Weyr is fair game for a posting. Inland weyrs are not. Dolphins do not hang out in fresh water areas.

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