Crom Hold (NPC)

IC Leadership

Lord Holder Zolaek (5'2" with long gray hair and large brown eyes and average build. Personality is scrupulous, yet temperamental.)

Lady Holder Quivizia (4'9" with long brown hair and almond-shaped green eyes and athletic build. Personality is jumpy, yet quizzical.)


Device: On a yellow-gold field, three light blue Bends

Description: Located in the inhospitiable Western Mountain Range, is a hold which varies much over its parts. The south is well forested; the north lies further into the mountains. No area sustains much grass or grazing land, so herds are scarce. Medicinal herbs do flourish here, as do herbs for cooking. The Minecrafthall is located nearby; the export and sale of cromcoal is one of the hold's major industries. Previously the hold had been very isolated, especially during the winter months, however, with the firelizards and now farspeakers and computers, Crom is more connected to the rest of Pern.

Exports: Gems, jewelry, semi-precious stones, firestone, blackstone (Cromcoal), iron (very limited to the SmithCraft mostly), ovines, sage, mint, rue, mugwort, cinquefoil, natural gas, rock oil

Recent Events @ Crom Hold

At Crom Hold a pack of feral canines attack livestock. (05/11/16)

Beholden To

Telgar Weyr

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