BeastCraft Hall

The Beastcraft is in charge of keeping records of breedings of domestic animals as well as training and posting Veterinarians and Breeders to Holds, Halls and Weyrs. The Hall also help guide Holders in the proper methods of keeping and breeding livestock as well as developing better means to produce better animals.

Computerers Hall

Dolphineers Hall

FarmerCraft Hall

GlassCraft Hall

The GlassCraft is responsible for production and development of glass and clay based products, such as utensils, windows, vases and more. GlassCrafters are posted all over Pern, especially where materials like sand, clay and reagents (reactive materials used for creating glazes, coloring glass, etc) are found. Crafters are taught many skills regarding the manufacture of glass and clay products. Many crafters specialize in certain areas of focus, such as glass blowing or pottery glazes. These crafters develop new and better processes in their chosen area, and train others who are interested in the same aspect of the craft.

Harper Hall

Healer Hall

MineCraft Hall

Printers Hall

SeaCraft Hall

SmithCraft Hall


StarCraft Hall

Tanner Craft Hall

The Tannercraft is a very wide Craft. Its main Hall in Igen teaches the basics of tannery to any person interested. It is one of the most active craft schools for non-apprentices, due to the fact that the applications and needs for cured hides and leatherworkings are many.

Technician Craft Hall

WeaverCraft Hall

WoodCraft Hall (inc. PaperCraft)


(No Central Hall)
Bakers and Cooks
Masons (bricklayers)
Vintner Craft

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