The Computercraft

Pern's Original geek Squad

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NPC IC Leadership
Craftmaster Gaytes - Smart, whitty and yet annoying.
CraftSecond Mactosh - Slow, meticulous and yet reliable.
Master Leenix - A notable master who shakes up the craft as much as he can trying to do things his own way.


The informal genesis of the Computerers Hall came when AIVAS initiated the construction of remote computer terminals using the components left behind by the Ancient Timers in the Catherine Caves. The new craft was formed under the aegis of the Smithcraft, to pass on that knowledge to as many apt pupils as possible so that the Ancients' precious knowledge wouldn't be lost again.

As soon as more materials were available, the Computerers constructed terminals for ther Healercraft classrooms in the Harper Hall. When the Smithcraft was able to duplicate the components, the Computerers intended to place terminals wherever one was wanted.

-The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern, Second Edition

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