Current list of knots on Pernworld:

Public knots:

Knot Code Description
ART Artist
BAW Bitch&Whine
BLD Building
COD Code Foo
DCN DragonCon
ENT Entertainment
HBP Harry Potter
JOB Dragon Jobs
LEO Lion King
ORG Origins
POL Politics
PUB Public
RUN Runnerbeasts
SCA Society For Creative Anachronism
TMP Tinyplots
WOW World Of Warcraft

Private knots:

Knot Code Description
ADM Area Admins
BCC Bakers Craft
BEC BeastCraft Hall
BEH Benden Hold
BEW Benden Weyr
BFH Blue Fire Hold
BIH Bitra Hold
BLH Big Lagoon Hold
BRH Black Rock Hold
CAN Candidates
COC Computer Craft
CON Conclave
CRH Crom Hold
DOC Dolphineers Hall
DOL Dolphin DTU
DRH DragonHealers
DTU Dragon Talk Unit
EAW Eastern Weyr
FAC Farm Craft
FLT Mating Flights
FOH Fort Hold
FOW Fort Weyr
GLC Glass Craft
HAC Harper Hall
HBT HoldBrats
HEC Healer Hall
HMB Half Moon Bay Hold
HOW Honshu WeyrHold
HRH High Reaches Hold
HRW High Reaches Weyr
IEW Ierne WeyrHold
IGH Igen Hold
IGW Igen Weyr
IND Independent
IRH Island River Hold
ISH Ista Hold
ISW Ista Weyr
KEH Keroon Hold
LAN Landing
LEH Lemos Hold
MIC Miner Craft
NAH Nabol Hold
NEH Nerat Hold
NEW Newbie
PAH Pars Hold
PLC Plastic Craft
PRH Paradise River Hold
REN Renegades
RRH Rubicon River
RSH Red Sands Hold
RUC Runner Craft
SBH Southern Boll Hold
SBW Benden Search
SEC Sea Craft
SEW Eastern Search
SEX Adults Only
SFW FortSearch
SHR High Reaches Search
SIG IgenSearch
SIS IstaSearch
SMC Smith Craft
STC Star Craft
STF Staff
STW TelgarSearch
SWW WesternSearch
SXW XanaduSearch
TAC Tanner Craft
TEC Tech Craft
TEH Telgar Hold
TEW Telgar Weyr
TIH Tillek Hold
TRA Traders
VNC Vintner Craft
WEC Weaver Craft
WEW Western Weyr
WOC Wood Craft
XAW Xanadu Weyr
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