Computer Craft Help Files


No PC's reside at the Computer Craft Hall, but are posted elsewhere.

+cochelp ranks

The Computer Craft uses the following ranks:


To change your rank on the COC knot please contact a wizard.

+cochelp search

As the Computer Craft is currently an NPC craft, anyone who is a memeber of it may participate in Search without requesting any special permissions as long as they meet the general search criteria for the game.

+cochelp specialty

The computer Craft has several specialty's as follows:

Archive - Deals with storing, searching and maintaing AVIAS data
Hardware - Designs, Constructs and Assembles computers and parts
Infocraft - Maintaining data systems, primarily AVIAS
Programming - Writes, tests and debugs computer programs

To set your speciality on the COC knot:

&specialty me=<specialty>

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