Bitra Hold (NPC)

IC Leadership

Lord Holder Sheof (5'9", short gray hair and hooded gray eyes and average build. Personality is fastidious, yet bigoted.)

Lady Holder Sofafi (5'0", silky brown hair and round violet eyes and large build. Personality is tricky, yet charismatic.)


Device: On a dusty red field, four white eight pointed stars

Description: Founded by dissenters from Benden Hold, Bitra was named after have been trying to help the colony in her escape from Pern. Though the true history is now known, the name remains and will not be forgotten. Bitra itself has a reputation as breeding sly and cunning people, particularly at cards.

Exports: Board games & other games of skill, various produce items (fruit, veggies & grains)

Recent Events @ Bitra Hold

At Bitra Hold a weaver invents a new clothing style that becomes 'all the rage' for about a sevenday. (05/18/16)

Beholden To

Benden Weyr

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