Benden Hold (NPC)

IC Leadership

Lord Holder Cestaem (6'3", short brown hair and wide gray eyes and heavy build. Personality is resigned, yet spooky. Unwed)


Device: On a violet field, three red Bends Sinister

Description: Named after Admiral Paul Benden, one of the leaders of the first colony. Home of the Benden Vintner Hall and perhaps the finest wines on Pern. Benden Hold supports itself by demanding its residents spend time working in the fields or caverns.

Exports: Patchwork (for clothing/quilts), Embroidery, walnuts, almonds, wedgenuts, klah bark, tubers, tuber bread, various kinds of baked goods, yeast, wine, grapes, soft cheese

Recent Events @ Benden Hold

At Benden Hold there is a mysterious person who saves someone from disaster. (05/24/16)

Beholden To

Benden Weyr

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