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+bechelp info

The Beastcraft is current NPC, and no PC's reside at the Hall but are posted elsewhere.

You'll find a variety of people in the area, but the one thing they all have in common is the love of animals. The Beastcraft is in charge of keeping records of breedings of domestic animals as well as training and posting Veterinarians and Breeders to Holds, Halls and Weyrs. Those at the Hall also help guide Holders in the proper methods of keeping and breeding livestock as well as developing better means to produce better animals.

PernWorld's timeline does allow for 'pets' - animals that do not serve a purely functional purpose. However, no creatures are completely useless, and none are allowed that cannot be trained. The BeastCraft does NOT deal in dragonkin (which includes dragons, firelizard and watch whers).

+bechelp specialty

Beastcrafters can specialize in various ways. They can pick a specialty such as a Vet, where they know a little bit of everything about the healing and care of many species), or a specific species where they have done a great deal more research and learning on a single species.

Allowed species to specialize in:

Note: Burdenbeasts are generally considered to be oxen and mules - the former are used in the lowlands, and the latter in mountainous regions. Herdbeasts are cattle.

Specific specialties:
Vet (Healing)

To set your speciality on the BEC knot:

&specialty me=<specialty>

+bechelp apprentice

Duties: Apprentices are expected to attend classes, do chores, and pretty much do whatever is asked of them by any Journeyman or Master (within reason of course). Apprentices are the work horses of the craft and it shows. Their days are filled with classes, chores (mucking out stalls, feeding animals, kitchen duties, etc, etc.) and any extra classes they may take on if they decide to specialize with a Journeyman or Master.

Skills: Apprentices in the beastcraft get a sound background knowledge of animal husbandry, various diseases and how to treat them, proper care and handling of various animals. They also get a sound background in people skills, how to follow orders, and the concept of action and consequence. Apprentices can be promoted to Sr. Apprentices and at that time can start to decide if they want to specialize. At that point they may approach a Journeyman or Master and ask if that person will teach them what they need to know. Also, a Journeyman or Master can just tell an apprentice that they want them for extra instruction in an area.

Knot: Very simple, single loop of white and yellow.

+bechelp journeyman

Duties: Journeymen duties are varied in scope. They are the ones who get posted out to Holds and Weyrs as that area's herder, to look after any animal herds that area may have, keep it healty and growing and prosperous. Journeymen are also responsible for reporting to the craft as to how things are going in their area (this includes any diseases, new hybrids created etc) and may be called upon to return to the craft in order to teach. Journeymen may also be assigned an apprentice for 'in field training' and are responsible for teaching that apprentice everything they know.

Skills: Journeymen learn many skills in the Beastcraft including, but not limited to, healing, training and breeding of various animals, how to keep track of bloodlines for breeding purposes, how to pass their knowledge on, how to deal with people etc. Journeymen may also choose to specialize in any given area, in which case they are more often called upon to teach and host apprentices.

Uniform: There is no specific uniform for Journeymen in the craft, although at Gathers and other ceremonial functions they are expected to be dressed in their best outfits and displaying their knots and craft colors.

Knot: Standard Journeyman knot in yellow and white.

+bechelp master

Duties: Masters are responsible for being mentors to any Journeymen assigned to them, teaching classes, helping with projects, and generally making sure apprentices and journeymen are following orders and staying within the boundaries of the rules.

Skills: Masters in the Beastcraft have a variety of skills and specialities. There are many different areas in which a Master can specialize and generally they will take in journeymen and apprentices who wish to learn that speciality. Some areas a Master can specialize in are: healing, training, breeding (all of these can be limited to one specific animal), genetics (keeping track of bloodlines), etc.

Knots: Standard Master knot in yellow and white.

The Craftmaster is chosen by vote of the masters, who then chooses their Craftsecond.

+bechelp postings

Postings for Beastcrafters are many and varied. All Holds and Weyrs and other Halls are open for postings. A Journeyman posted to an area becomes that area's expert on animal husbandry and healing. The posted Herder is expected to take care of all the animals, breed for best bloodlines and keep the herds healthy. Also Beastcrafters can now become Jockeys to the various racing stables, as well as traveling/on call veterinarians, breeders, trainers and healers for animals of all sorts. Posted Journeymen may be asked to become the Weyr/HoldMaster for that particular area, in which case they'll gain all the privileges of a regular Master.

+bechelp ranks

The Beast Craft uses the following ranks:


To change your rank on the BEC knot please contact a wizard.

+bechelp search

As the Beast Craft is currently an NPC craft, anyone who is a member of it may participate in Search without requesting any special permissions as long as they meet the general search criteria for the game.

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