Beast Craft


Ordven (NPC) - Craftmaster - A short rather chubby fellow he's none the less extremely knowledgable about all things animal. One might say he even gets along wiht the animals better than with people.

Kenvan (NPC) - Craftsecond - A tall thin fellow he is an extremely knowledgeable vet, and has a line of felines that he is tracking as part of a breeding project.


Colors: White and Gold

Device: A circular badge with a simple white background, in the center is a golden herdbeast insignia.

Description: Trained as veterinarians, beastcrafters work hard to care for animals, and to keep breeding records. Their job is to guide Holders in the proper methods of keeping and breeding livestock, as well as developing better means to produce good beasts. They do not have anything to do with dragons, firelizards or watch whers.

Exports: Crafters, Livestock, Vet Supplies

Beholden To

Igen Weyr

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