Baker/Cook Craft Help Files

The Baker Craft is currently NPC in terms of leadership but is always accepting new members.

The Baker Craft has a small Hall outside of Ista Hold

bcchelp ranks

The Baker Craft uses the following ranks:


bcchelp search

As the Baker Craft is currently an NPC craft, anyone who is a member of it may participate in Search without requesting any special permissions as long as they meet the general search criteria for the game.

bcchelp specialty

Specialty's for the Bakerscraft are:

Baker Specializes in breads
Butcher Cut and prepare meats
Chef Kitchen lead in preparing dishes
Pastry Cook Specializes in various desserts (cake, cookie, pie, etc)
Saucier Specializes in sauces

To set your specialty on the BCC knot:

&specialty me=<specialty>

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