Baker Craft

IC Leadership

Anlice (NPC) - Craftmaster - A short dark haired older woman was trained as a Chef and has mastered several regional cuisines. She is highly respected by her peers, although she is more focused on the craft than the Hall's administration.

Hanrik (NPC) - Craftsecond - A tall salt and pepper haired gentleman he has a pleasant baritone voice which apprentices find easy to listen to. A bit of a perfectionist his specialty is as a Baker.


Description: The baker's craft has long had no central craft hall, and merely been spread around all of Pern under local Masters and Journeyman. A recent movement has seen the construction of the cullinary institution, or simply the "BakerCraft Hall", near Ista Hold. A haven for all things to do with the cullinary arts, the Hall focuses on ensuring apprentices become well skilled in all the basic knifework, cooking, and equipment before being posted under a local Master of Journeyman for training in the specialty of their choice. It is also while posted that chefs and bakers learn regional specialties and flavors.

Exports: Baked goods, trained chefs and bakers.

Beholden To

Ista Weyr

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