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Welcome to PernWorld! We are a mush community based on the Dragonriders of Pern created by Anne McCaffrey. If you’re wondering what MUSH stands for it is Multi User Shared Hallucination. In other-words, we together create a shared fictional existence. I prefer to think of it as a cooperative storyboard. Call it what you may, PernWorld exists as a whole with several parts. We have 7 Weyrs, 2 Weyrholds, several Holds and Craft areas where you may play. For consistency’s sake, all of Anne’s Pern exists, but some areas are off-camera.

We’re glad you stopped by! We are always happy to have new players join us. We want you to share in the fun! Please feel free to check out the pages here – they are only an introduction to those areas. They are there to give you a bit of an idea of the local flavor each area provides. Enjoy!

Pern World Search Cycle:

2017 Hatch Cycle:

MBW: OOC Search: Jan 07 - Jan 21; Hatch before Feb 20
ISW: OOC Search: Feb 25 - Mar 11; Hatch before Apr 10
XAW: OOC Search: Apr 15 - Apr 29; Hatch before May 29
HMW: OOC Search: Jun 03 - Jun 17; Hatch before Jul 17
IGW: OOC Search: Jul 22 - Aug 05; Hatch before Sep 04
FOW: OOC Search: Sep 09 - Sep 23; Hatch before Oct 23
MBW: OOC Search: Oct 28 - Nov 11; Hatch before Dec 11

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PernWorld's address is 2211

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